The Owners

Owner-Operators of the Animal Fort.

Hazen and Ashleigh are going to care for your pets with the same love and care as their own. Your pets are welcomed into their home and will feel at home in our world-class facility.


Owner-Managers of the Animal Fort.

We were born and raised in Utah County, Utah. We met in High school, but didn’t date until after we graduated. I grew up with a family that LOVED animals. Angeline grow up in a family that owned a lot of dogs over the years, several of the dogs she owned had been abandoned or abused. In her childhood her mom brought them home and nursed them back to health until they overcame their fears and became a strong heart beating member of the family. With her siblings they often found hurt or lost animals and brought them home to heal and grow. They had wild and domestic birds, cats, rats, iguana’s, ferrets, ducks, hamsters, frogs, horses, chickens, turtles, snakes, and probably more she can’t remember.

Nathan grew up in a home with very little interaction with animals. Now after years of marriage, he has reluctantly joined the animal kingdom. Though, he cannot deny the joy these animals bring to our kids.

We have 6 kids. Our oldest daughter died in 2016. Our next oldest has spina bifida and a mild cerebral palsy. The rest of our children have earned their own pet and take care of them. We own a golden retriever, cat, two tortoises, hamster, bearded dragon, and two ferrets. The ferrets run the house, but we absolutely love them.

We owned a few horses over the years, but sold the last horse last year when riding wasn't possible anymore due to back surgery and other complications.

We love animals, we have a lot of experience with different types of animals and what it takes to make them feel loved and comfortable. We would love to invite your animals to be part of the family in times when you need someone else to watch and care for them.

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