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Phase 1 Ready!

We are excited to announce that phase 1 of our new facility is active for use! We are working on a lot of enhancements but the facility is already world-class. Our puppy suites feature:

Heated floors for your pups Private access cameras 24/7 for you Private exterior yards with turf and shade Large suites! Our suites are 10x larger than required standards
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Dog, Cat, and Horse Boarding

Need to go on vacation? Your pets could use one too. This is like a resort for your pets. Give them time to play, mingle, make new friends, see new sights, and live it up. We can handle quick overnight help, weekend trips, and extended care. Your pets will be in good care and love it here.

Dog Boarding
Utah County Recommended

We got glowing recommendations from the county when inspecting our facility! The county has been excellent to work with and they were incredibly complimentary of our facilities. We are very confident that our facilities are the best in state and an excellent choice for your puppies.

Dog Boarding
Pricing Estimator

Rates start at $45/night with discounts for multiple dogs and longer stays. For dogs to stay together they should be comfortable eating together too.

Base Rate $45 / night
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Wide Open Spaces

This is the view from Cedar Fort, our hometown. We are located in some of the last wilderness in west Utah County. There may be nearly 2 million people just over the hill from us... but you'd never guess it from out here. Animals are a way of life. Always have been, always will be.

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Close To Everyone

Being the closest boarding facility to nearly 100,000 people we are the quick and easy choice for your animals. It is only 10 minutes to our facility from most of Eagle Mountain. Mostly on fast highways with low traffic too. We think you'll find that the drive is pleasant and quick.

Much of Saratoga Springs is also a quick drive away. We are considering a shuttle service for Lehi and beyond. We like the drive.

Dog Boarding

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