Animal Fort Hunt Scene

The HUNT began

October 25th

We have a winner!
The hunt is over. See more on our Facebook Page

Registration is now open!

See below for instructions to get registered!


The first person to complete the hunt will win a brand new Meta Quest 3!

Meta Quest 3 Product

The Meta Quest 3 was newly released October 2023!




Part 1: Registration (Oct 16-24)

To Register you must get a link to a unique registration page for you and link it to your phone #. There are three ways to get that link:

Text us: 801-317-8517

Email us:

You can come to the Animal Fort facility located at

Animal Fort, LLC
1505 N 1100 E
Cedar Fort, UT 84013
M-F 9am - 8pm
Sat 10am - 4pm

Please come see us in the dog boarding building (not the home, it is a private residence.) We will give you a unique QR Code. When you scan that code it will load a registration page only you have access to.

Part 2: Scavenger Hunt (Oct 25)

There will be around 30 objectives to complete. Each task will have its own instructions. Here are a few examples of what you'll be asked to do:

  • Go to a store and scan the QR Code you find there
  • Send an email to a local business and they will reply with a link
  • Find the local newspaper and get the QR code found on page "x"

You will not really have to "solve" anything for these scavenger tasks. You just have to follow the instructions.

In each case it will bring you to a hidden link on the Animal Fort website. That link will ask you to enter your player code or the phone number you registered with.

Note that these hidden links will not be active until the hunt begins. Also they can only be used if you have your player code registered to your phone number. If you happen to discover one before 6am on the 25th go ahead and save the link, you can use it on the 25th.

You will be able to track your progress on

Completing the final task (they can be completed in any order) will unlock the instructions for where to submit your victory selfie.

Part 3: Selfie (Oct 25)

Once you complete the scavenger hunt you will be presented with a final riddle. This will be different from the scavenger hunt because there will not be direct instructions for how to solve the riddle. You'll enter your answers in this site until you get it correct.

Solving the riddle will tell you where the final destination is. There you'll take your victory selfie and email it to us.

First one to send the selfie wins the Meta Quest 3! We already have it in hand, ready for you!